Spray Tan

This is an organic hand sprayed airbrush application to achieve the perfect natural look.
Full Body                                              $45
Partial (Waist up or down)                    $25
Upper Body (Face, Décolleté, Arms)   $15

Brow tint       $15
Lash tint        $25


Designer Haircuts-

Haircut Women $48
Wet Haircut Women  $38
Haircut Men  $35
Haircut Child (10 and under)  $30

Single Process    $70
Single Process and Haircut   $112

Partial Highlights   $90
Partial Highlights and Haircut  $125
Full Head Highlights    $105
Full Head Highlights and Haircut    $150

Shampoo, Style and Hair Treatments-
Signature Blow Out Bar     $35
Conditioning Treatment Premium  $30
Olaplex (add to any hair treatment) $35

Hair Smoothing - Formaldehyde Free-
Touch of Keratin- last 30 days   $50
Original Keratin - last 3-4 Months   $225

Up Do’s-
Up do’s for special events  $50+


Mini Customized Manicure & Pedicure-

This is a great service when you are on the run.
Manicure  $22    Pedicure   $32

Organic Manicure and Pedicure-
A natural salt scrub and moisturizing Shea butter rejuvenates the hands and feet while herb rich clay and warm towels comfort the skin.
Manicure  $32  Pedicure $38

Gemstone Manicure and Pedicure-
Hot stones are used along with an herb rich clay masque.
Manicure $37  Pedicure  $52

Add shellac to any manicure  or pedicure  $10

Polish change-

hands or feet   $12                                     

Petite Manicure and Pedicure- 

These services are for years 12 and under    
Manicure   $20   Pedicure  $27

Hand and Foot Treatment-
This treatment will relieve dry, sore, or tired feet and hands. First, it will begin with cleansing the feet and hands with a warm compress. Next, lower legs, feet, and hands are softened with herb rich clay. The treatment ends with a soothing massage.  
30min. $35

Specific pressure is applied to points on the feet to stimulate reflexes that correspond to every part of the body, which will enhance natural healing.                

30min. $50


Firm Skin Therapy-                        

A blend of anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid, and rich moisturizers bring back a youthful glow. 

60 min. $90

Clear Skin Therapy-   
Probiotics promote a healthy complexion while reducing breakouts, regulating oil production, and healing irritated skin. 

60 min. $90

Calm Skin Therapy-                 

Calm, cool, and soothe sensitive or rosacea prone skin. 

60 min. $90

Gemstone Facial-
Our gemstone facials are designed specifically with each client’s needs in mind, addressing particular skin issues.

30min  $48,  55min  $70

Natural Enzyme Peel-
Natural fruit provide deeper exfoliation to stimulate collagen production.

45 min  $105,  neck and décolleté for an additional $20

Makeup Application-
This is great for weddings, prom, or any special event. We use mineral makeup with natural non-irritating ingredients.     30min. $35

Back Facial-
The back facial will help to reduce breakouts, regulate oil production, and heal irritated skin.
45 min.  $65

Organic Body Glow-
Oil and sugar intertwine, leave your skin smooth and glowing.   

30 min.  $50

Botanical Slimming Wrap-
Tightening & sculpting using blueberry pulp to give your skin an extra special treat. 

60 min.  $100


Massage & Energy Therapy-
This balancing combination supports mind-body wellness.
30min $50, 60 min $80, 75min $90, 90min $105

Swedish Massage-
Our Swedish massage is designed to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, increase circulation, and improve skin and muscle tone.
30min $45, 60min $70, 75min $80, 90min $95

Aromatherapy Massage-
With this massage you will choose from a range of aromatherapy infused massage oils.
30min $50, 60 min $80, 75min $90, 90min $105

Pregnancy Massage-
This massage helps weeks 13 to birth to relieve the physical discomforts; backaches, leg cramps, fatigue, insomnia, and headaches.
30min $50, 60min $80,

Warm Basalt Stone Massage-
Massage with heated stones to increase the relaxing effects.

60min  $80, 75min  $90, 90min  $105

Deep Tissue Massage-
Our Deep Tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.
30min $55, 60 min $85, 75min $95, 90min $110

Lymphatic Drainage Massage-
Promote your body’s own healing mechanisms, boost your immunity, reduce puffiness caused by water retention, poor circulation or pregnancy, decrease swelling due to injury or surgery through the very light pressure of lymphatic drainage massage.

30min $50,60 min $80, 75min $90, 90min $105

Special Treatments

These can be incorporated into a facial, massage, or performed alone.

Soothing Eye Treatment-
Provides a significant effect on the skin around the eyes, yielding a refreshed and rejuvenated look. $20

Majestic Awakening-
Your neck, shoulders, and scalp are massaged with aromatherapy oil, dissipating tension and stress.  $25

Lip Treatment-
The lips are softly exfoliated followed by a soothing herb rich balm. Acupressure is then applied to the face.  $20


Lip wax                $13    Brow wax            $15
Chin wax             $12    Brow Tweeze      $20            
Full Facial wax    $38    Full Leg               $60
Half Leg               $40   Abdomen             $10
Full Arm               $40   Chest or Back      $48
Half Arm              $30    Abdomen             $10
Under Arm           $30   Bikini                    $35
Feet & Toes         $15   Brazilian Wax      $53